It happens that I am using 2 different keyboard layouts. My login password falls into different keys into the physical keyboard depending on which keyboard layout is selected. Switching between those keyboard layouts on the login screen or whenever you need to put your password in, is not a problem. But when one of the layouts is shown on the login screen you would expect that this layout is selected, right? Well, in Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 it isn't. It shows British keyboard layout selected while actually the Polish one is active.
I'm sure I will have more adjustments to do, the first one I noticed I need were the colours when ssh'd to external server. In Mac OS Snow Leopard they were nice, now they were gone. Thanks to Henry's tip how to fix it, I have them back. I'm using 2 colour schemes in Terminal, so the setting for "declaring terminal as 'xterm-color'" had to be set in both.
All was looking good until I installed 1.0TB WD10JPVT inside my MacBook Pro. The specification did not indicate anything apart from Advanced Format. But as long as it worked via USB2.0 when docked in "All in 1 HDD Docking", I naively thought it will be just fine when connected via SATA inside the MacBook Pro. 

MacBook saw this hard drive as 125GB one, 8x less than 1.0TB, which would indicate there is a problem with the Advanced Format. When I put that HDD into a WD external enclosure it was the same, wether via USB2.0 or FW800, still the 1.0TB GUID Partition Table (GPT) wasn't recognised and it was ready to format it in 125GB claiming that Partition Table was "Master Boot Record".

I really like the way Lion works, so I will stick to it via that USB2.0, for now. Once I cloned that installation I am using for work, I will put that hard drive inside MacBook and I will try to format it again, but when it is plugged via SATA.

Edit: Final result of this exercise is that all is working fine now. The drive needed to be formatted when connected via SATA inside the MacBook Pro. Happy days.
After many months of postponing the upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion, observing others using Lion, for office work and for web development work, finally I have decided to at least try the upgrade.

I've got myself a bigger HDD as the one in the laptop was already full. Friday night all the work for the week was finished, so if I could make it over the weekend and it worked, I could start on Monday working on Lion. The critical bit is to have the Ruby on Rails environment working. 

  1. I have cloned my disk with Carbon Copy Cloner into the new one. I left it over night, it took 5 hours for 300GB of data over USB.
  2. On Saturday morning I started installing Lion on the cloned drive. During the day I've run the Software Updates. At the evening I've logged into my account where I have the development set up. I checked if Pow was still running one of my applications locally. It didn't, but Webrick was enough and all rvm with different gem sets seemed to be fine. It was taking a while to convert emails (21GB) into the new Mail version. I left it overnight.
  3. Today morning I have looked into how the new Mail works. Finally I can read the email conversations normally. The Mail is splitting quoted parts of emails into separated emails within conversation and allows sorting it from oldest to newest and the other way round. I can now see the response under the quoted email even if the whole world is doing it in corporation style with responding above. Well done Apple!
  4. Suddenly Pow is working, no problem. I did not have to reinstall anything from my development workshop. I have decided to call it a day. I'm switching my work environment to Lion. 

Now onto swapping the drive inside the MacBook Pro...